AV 2130 GL – The design favourite in puristic white

Sometimes plain white is the answer. And this is when AV 2130 GL plays the leading role, because this kitchen is ideal for open-plan lifestyles and living. Sloping ceilings, angles and niches can also be used to optimal effect thanks to the modular design. The glossy white fronts make the kitchen stand out expressively from its surroundings, yet still offer the desired puristic look.  

Even with an open-plan design, the kitchen island in front with its extended countertop creates a clearly defined kitchen area. The countertop merges into a seemingly floating dining area. The handleless version of the fronts, the oneLINE design with its minimal joint pattern and the Tipmatic opening mechanism are technical features that underline the elegant and puristic style of the AV 2130 GL. This kitchen convinces both visually and technically.

Brilliant layout - AV 2130 GL

A play with light. The lacquered high gloss fronts of the AV 2130 GL offer a spectacular look. The reflective surfaces skillfully mirror the light and convey a touch of luxury.

Both the island and the tall cabinets are highly functional. The doors and drawers hide innovative ideas and state-of-the-art technology. All according to your needs and wishes.

For example, you can integrate a practical trash can system into the drawer elements underneath the countertop. Or use our interior organizer for the tall cabinets - it makes stocking and organizing considerably easier for you. The adjustable hook-in shelves with a fixed base and metal strap offer sufficient space for bottles, crates and packages. All other food items, such as spices and herbs have their own place in the drawers thanks to the innovative MOVE organisation system.

AV 2130 GL white

It's all about clean lines

The AV 2130 GL impresses with its clear structure. It owes its uniform look to the oneLINE technology. This gives the kitchen fronts a minimal reveal of 4 millimetres. Individual cupboard elements are only indicated by thin joints.

The clean look intentionally abstains from handles or handle bars. Instead, the drawers can be opened and closed by means of the innovative Tipmatic Softclose mechanism. This mechanical opening support ensures that drawers react to the slightest touch. 

The result is a designer kitchen that impresses with its puristic look and meets the highest aesthetic demands. Although visually reduced to the absolute basics, the AV 2130 GL offers state-of-the-art innovation and technology inside. 

AV 2130 GL white

All in white - neat and elegant

Impressive and expressive - these can be the attributes of a white kitchen. The kitchen island confidently moves into the limelight and magically attracts all eyes with its extravagant design. It functions as a separating element that clearly establishes the border between the kitchen and the rest of the room. The induction cooktop with integrated downdraft and the high-quality black sink with matching faucet blend seamlessly into the black surface. Exciting highlights are set by the extraordinary black color.

The countertop in Carrara white extends beyond the island to the window front. The result is a kitchen table that seems to float. This generous area offers plenty of space for working and eating. The perfect spot for a relaxed breakfast, a quick lunch or even a romantic dinner. An elegant and light solution to define the kitchen area.