Sustainability in society

Häcker is committed to a wide variety of social and ecological projects that are aimed at permanently improving the living conditions for people, animals and plants, as well as to leaving an intact environment for future generations.

Häcker supports the project "Blumiger Landkreis Osnabrück" ("Flowery county of Osnabrück")

The project "Blumiger Landkreis Osnabrück" is strongly committed to bee and insect rescue in the Osnabrück region. Häcker Kitchens sponsors this project by providing high-quality flowering meadow seed as well as machinery. 

Insect protection

Häcker Kitchens also wants to create a beautiful flowering landscape at its new production site in Venne. To this end, it organized a big insect protection day, with over 5,000 square meters (54,000 sq ft) of flowering meadows planted with its support. "Blumiges Venne ("Flowery Venne") was awarded 3rd place in the "Municipal Areas" section of the nationwide "Deutschland summt" ("Germany buzzes") competition. What's more, Häcker has created 25,000 square meters (270,000 sq ft) of flowering meadow for insect protection on its premises in Rödinghausen and another 15,000 square meters (160,000 sq ft) on its premises in Venne.

Flower meadow

Häcker tree sponsorships

Trees and plants can store the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) as biomass, and as the green lungs of our earth they also release oxygen (O2), thus making a double contribution to climate protection. Together with customers and business partners, a small forest is currently being created between the Wiehen Stadium and the parking lot of the Rödinghausen secondary school. There, around 1,000 new young trees and shrubs were planted together with elementary school children. 

Environmentally friendly material for load securing

Foam blocks and polystyrene plates are commonly used to secure the transport of high-value cargo. "There must be a better solution," thought colleagues in Häcker's shipping logistics and designed a new, paper-based load securing system. To secure the loads on its factory-owned trailers, Häcker now uses sturdy paper sacks filled with shredded cardboard scraps, thus not only ensuring perfect protection of the goods, but also a high level of environmental compatibility.

Load securing
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CO2 reduction through regional procurement

More than 50% of Häcker's suppliers come from within a 50 kilometre (31 miles) radius. This reduces the company's CO2 footprint and enables stable supply chains for secure supply. The selected suppliers must meet Häcker's own sustainability criteria.

Rail instead of truck

Avoid empty runs and reduce driver workloads: With these goals in mind, Häcker shipping logistics launched a successful pilot project, relying on a combination of road and rail for deliveries across Europe. The idea is to reduce several-day-long truck journeys on European tours by sending drivers fully loaded trailers to their destinations by rail. The clever transport concept not only saves time but also CO2 emissions. 

Sierra Leone

Education project in Sierra Leone

Häcker Kitchens has been sponsoring and supporting the Youth Development Program (YDP) in Sierra Leone, Africa, for over 10 years, providing 220 children with an excellent education. For young adults it offers vocational training in various trades and for children it runs an elementary school. Häcker's great commitment makes it possible to build premises, employ teachers and purchase learning materials. This project is a matter of the heart for us.

Sierra Leone
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Häcker promotes sports

Our soccer commitment strengthens the region and promotes youth work.
The close ties to the region are also evident in the support given to SV Rödinghausen. Youth work is particularly close to Häcker's heart – for example, we have entered many cooperations with partner companies in the area of training in order to provide young people with appropriate support and accompany them on their journey through life.

Commitment to children and young adults

Häcker is a company that lives and breathes social responsibility. In addition to nature and environmental protection, Häcker is also committed to supporting social institutions in the Rödinghausen region, including daycare and youth centers. These facilities are valuable in all respects for the development of young adults. This includes healthy food, which is of course gladly prepared in a well-equipped, modern Häcker kitchen.

The workforce donates at Christmas time

"Paket mit Herz" ("Package with Heart") is a campaign of the East Westphalian newspaper "Neue Westfälische". In cooperation with many local social services, people in need (children and adults) can write wish lists, with a value of about €15 - 20 per wish list. The Häcker workforce supports this campaign annually by donating 100 packages, providing tangible help where it is needed and fulfilling individual wishes.

Environmentally friendly: DB ticket & job bike leasing

In order to reduce the burden on the environment, Häcker offers its employees the opportunity to reach the workplace in an environmentally friendly and stress-free manner. Many employees have already set the course for sustainability with modern job bike leasing and especially discounted rail tickets. The offer, which has been very well received, helps significantly reduce CO2.

Regional commitment

Häcker is an integral part of the local community. Many employees come from the region and live here with their families. For this reason, Häcker also supports regional institutions such as sports clubs, fire departments, kindergartens as well as youth, animal and environmental protection groups. 

Regional & social food

More than 50% of Häcker's supply partners are based within a 50 kilometer (31 miles) radius. This is especially true for the food in the Häcker Lounge, the company cafeteria, which is supplied by the Erdbrügger bakery in Bünde. Drinks, fruit and vegetables also come from regional producers. What's more, Häcker uses only Viva con Agua's Social Water to cater for guests, thus making an important contribution to global water projects. Likewise, Häcker offers delicious UTZ certified coffee.

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