No room for clutter

We all know those “rummage drawers” in the kitchen. Crammed with everyday items to have them handy. Cooking utensils, scissors and cutlery clutter up and cause stress in the kitchen. Different drawer inserts help to tidy up in a simple and functional way and cater to different tastes and functions. Make opening your drawers a moment of happiness ...

cutlery traycutlery tray

flexible cutlery tray

The translucent cutlery insert is not only a real eye-catcher, but also practical and hygienic. Separators can be removed to adjust the cross dividers as needed and the compartments can be cleaned easily. The separators can then simply be pushed back on.

cutlery tray

The plastic version convinces by its practical comfort. With its fine pearl texture and soft surface, this cutlery insert also stands out for its anti-slip properties. This prevents sharp cutlery damage to the end walls and also offers high hygiene standards.

wooden cutlery tray

Do you appreciate high-quality, natural material and modern looks? Voilà! Renewable raw material, is an excellently processed and sturdy alternative. Whether in beech or in noble dark grey ash.

Interior organisation


Wooden module boxes from MOVE are decorative and sophisticated shelf accents. Spices, aromatic herbs and other utensils are from now on handy and moveable.

but rather not in the kitchen!

No rattling, no shifting

The Vario insert ensures safe and stable storage for precious china. Pots no longer bang against each other. For quiet handling in the kitchen and durable interiors.

In general, drawers are ideal for storage of heavy and bulky dishes.

Linero mosaik move
Linero mosaik move

Bare walls?

Put your things on display! The shelf from the Linero MosaiQ series brings diversity to your kitchen nook and gives it an individual touch.

Waste container

Don't let it burn

The kitchen accessories should ideally be stored systematically to have the required tool at hand in every situation.

Safety for little ones

The child-safety drawer is visually indistinguishable from a conventional drawer.

Dry & Clean

The honeycomb structure makes sweeping and cleaning easier. For a clean, hygienic evironment, even in the sink base unit.

Tidy up

With just a few fixtures you can create a tidy space miracle and allow your guests a glimpse - even without prior notice.

Tough softy

The Combi Line floors are slip-resistant and very durable.

Smart application

Intelligent pull-out systems with protective frames ensure that the drain is not damaged when pull-outs are closed.

Always at hand

All cleaning agents can be stored clearly and within easy reach in the detergent pull-out.

Storage miracle

Everything within easy reach. The modern built-in laundry basket is the perfect match for a functional household.

Shut & gone

The roller-shutter cabinet in the kitchen - classy and neat when closed, an easily accessible shelf when opened.

Don't search - find

Every single square inch is perfectly used with our toe-kick drawer.

Thinking Outside The Box

Technology and functionality meet design here. Times of hard-to-reach spaces in corner cabinets are finally over.

Efficient storage

To use space more efficiently, a baking-tray holder can be mounted e.g. in a tall cabinet.

It's so easy

The handy towel holder is a trendy helper and an ideal household organizer.

More quality of life

The wine rack with the harmonious interplay of function and design creates a pleasant living experience.

Refreshing solutions

For practical storage of bottles and supplies. Cheers to all the possibilities.


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