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Exactly my color

You are looking for a custom color for your new project? No problem! The RAL and NCS color systems offer a wide range of choices with more than 2000 colors combined. This enables you to create the most beautiful color combinations. Individuality is the trump card - especially in interior design; no one needs to do without impressive colors.

Gorgeous Caribbean blues, fresh forest greens, sunny Tuscan yellows... Design your individual kitchen in the most beautiful colors. Create striking highlights and discover new ways to color your kitchen. Combine shades to your heart’s content and enjoy your delightful, new Häcker kitchen in your favorite colors. As individual as your life. Discuss your new kitchen today.

Customize your kitchen

Every kitchen is unique and designed to meet each customer’s individual color scheme.“

Markus Sander
Sales, Marketing and Controlling Manager

Individual dream kitchens in 190 RAL and 1950 NCS colors. Give your kitchen a very special design. Create a unique, cosy atmosphere with one-of-a-kind wood and color combinations.

Add striking optical highlights that reflect your home environment and your personal lifestyle in your kitchen design. Use the RAL or NCS color fan to choose your favorite colors and enjoy your very own composition, every day.

Expertise in lacquer

Four door styles with very different geometries in 190 RAL and 1950 NCS colors offer.


Healthy kitchen furniture

Our kitchens have been awarded the “Golden M” quality mark by the German Furniture Quality Association (Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e. V., DGM). The DGM’s test criteria comprise quality, environmental and emission standards,  with a particular focus on the product’s durability, stability and manufacturing quality. The DGM also reviews pollutant emissions and safety aspects and only awards its “Golden M” quality mark to furniture that meets all requirements in full.

Water-based paints – good for the wood, good for the environment

All colors of the RAL and NCS color systems can be used for every lacquered element in your kitchen: fronts, visible cabinet sides, toe-kick, crown, light rail and so much more.

We use water-based paints to create our beautiful lacquered fronts. This has several advantages: The wooden surfaces are durable, nice to touch and look perfect. They also contribute to a positive ecological balance, as they sustainably protect and refine the renewable, natural raw material wood. Water-based coating materials produce about 90 percent less solvent during processing. This makes water-based paints particularly eco-friendly, which in turn supports our sustainability philosophy with regard to a clean environment and a first-class coated finish.

Order RAL color fan 

*RAL color fans are available from RAL; charges apply


Order NCS color fan 

*NCS color fans are available from NCS; charges apply


Colors from the same family

Using colors from the same family (such as different shades of blue) can help you achieve an extremely harmonious effect. To create attractive tone-on-tone combinations, choose shades of one color, from light to dark. Light hues are best for surfaces that will reflect the light, as well as for larger areas, while darker hues contrast nicely with the main colors and are ideal for creating highlights.

Which color combinations create a harmonious effect?

Find out which colors harmonise best with others to create consistent results and design a kitchen that is truly eye-catching. 

Harmonious adjacent colors

Adjacent colours are those colors that are next to one another on the color wheel and have a natural affinity to one another. They go very well together and often enhance the general impression of a room.

Captivating color contrasts

If the first two combinations are a bit too subtle for your taste, you might want to think about playing with contrasting colors. The right contrasting colors can bring kitchen designs that use tone-on-tone or adjacent colors to life and really make them pop. Contrasts allow you to create highlights that give your kitchen that certain something.


Find your inspiration here!

More than 200 custom shades – more than 2000 ways to give your new kitchen an extraordinary design. Contact us to discuss your project and discover the sophisticated and appealing effect of colorful highlights on your kitchen.

AV6080 and AV6000
AV6080 and AV6000