Close partnership with our customers and caring for our products is what makes Häcker Kitchens so successful across the globe. With a lot of love for details and perfection, we are committed to tackling the challenges of producing kitchens with enthusiasm every day. With our product line, systemat, we offer an extensive portfolio and can supply the basis for your individual dream kitchen.

When the concept of manufactory meets high-tech production, aesthetics meet performance, value orientation meets partnership - the result is kitchens full of beauty and life.

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our kitchens are part of your family.

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We at Häcker Küchen are responsible for sustainably managing what already exists and at the same time creating the basis for future growth. ‘Made in Germany' is one of Häcker Küchen's main strategies and will continue to secure jobs here in Germany for the future."

 Markus Sander | Sales, Marketing and Controlling Manager


Expressive framed doors are a classic in our product programme. Enjoy a feel-good atmosphere with our framed doors. With a wide variety of colors, structures and ideas you can create a great kitchen, that inspires you anew each day. Simply design breakfast areas or selected shelf-systems. Create a modern country style design or a lovely space for the family.


Kitchen solutions from Häcker for cabinets without handles or knobs. Depending on the selected option, the channel handles, attached to the box, either discreetly blend in with the rest of the kitchen or become the center of attention with illuminated LED lights.


Clear structure, fantastic fronts and a concise form definition are characteristic features of the modern version. This results in precious design, functional technology, sophisticated details and superior processing. Each kitchen solution is perfectly integrated into every room concept and develops an impressive presence.


Let us inspire you and select the kitchen that suits your lifestyle. Discover wonderful kitchens, which you are going to fall in love with. What style do you like? Modern, urban, family, luxury, nordic or country? Experience fantastic kitchens on an exciting journey - ideas included.

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"Inner values" always matter. With our great Häcker interior organization systems, everything is in its place, perfectly stored and within reach. You can save time and enjoy a liberating way of life. Start combining aesthetic storage solutions in a beautiful and practical way. Let us inspire you.

Interior organization

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Utility room


Enjoy the new freedom and do the housework with utmost ease. The available space is used efficiently and looks great. Smart solutions create a very special feeling that everything is always in the right place. Everything is extremely attractive: high-quality fronts and a magnificent design.


Kitchens that are for living

Kitchen furniture for the workplace at home? Experience Häcker's outstanding product quality outside the kitchen as well. For example, with stylish and practical solutions for your home office. Enjoy an ambience in which your furniture forms a valuable and tasteful unit.

This is not only practical, but also a real visual highlight.



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Let us inspire you and select the kitchen that suits your lifestyle.
What style do you like? Modern, urban, family, luxury, nordic or country?

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