Quality is the result of attention to detail

We check the quality of our kitchen furniture in all its facets down to the smallest detail. Our high-quality control has now found a special home. The new test laboratory ensures that our quality promises are kept. For sure. 

Climate tests

Durability tests

Chemical tests

Surface tests

Tests per week
m² (3200sqft) lab space
m² (2800sqft) newly added lab space
Water steams a day

The key to success lies in the continuous improvement of products and processes and, in particular, that every single one of the company's employees is willing to accept the challenges of its quality policy every day.

PURemission AirProtectionSystem - healthy furniture
PUResist WaterProtectionSystem - Protection against moisture
GS-Certification mark Tested safety of the kitchen furniture
DIN EN ISO 14001
DIN EN ISO 14001 Certified Environmental Management System
DIN EN ISO 50001
DIN EN ISO 50001 Certification Energy Management System
PEFC Promotion sustainable forest management

Really resistant
With our one of a kind gluing technology PUResist we achieve highest quality standards with all kinds of edging. They are water resistant and offer a high level of resilience. Sustainable through solvent-free PUResist gluing technology.

Just take a deep breath
Health is a mega trend. With Häcker's own standard PURemission AirProtectionSystem we surpass the best requirements for clean room air.

  • Significantly lower deviation of formaldehyde limit values
  • Even better room air
  • Increase of quality of life

Carb 2

All wood products are well below the permissible formaldehyde limits, which meet high US standards. Through careful selection of wood materials and our suppliers, we have succeeded in meeting the guidelines for emissions in accordance with CARB2 93120 and TSCA title 6. The materials are subject to permanent monitoring and contain neither pesticides nor insecticides. We are also not aware of any other harmful emissions. The furniture is manufactured according to industrial methods and standards.

plant 5

Since August 2020 Häcker Kitchens also produces in Venne Ostercappeln in the new plant 5. On an area more than 2.1 M square feet a production space of more than 2 M square feet with one of the most modern machine parks in the kitchen industry were created. The new possibilities are overwhelming and offer the best conditions to secure future growth also in terms of production technology.

New employees
Boxes produced daily
Loaded items

Häcker manufactures modern fitted kitchens, that set highest expectations for
quality, functionality, durability and design.

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