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“The Essential Guide to Sustainable Kitchen Design” and “The Kitchen That Works”

Häcker Kitchens launches two on-demand CEU courses

Häcker Kitchens, the leading German manufacturer of modern kitchen cabinetry, has launched two on-demand CEU courses, “The Essential Guide to Sustainable Kitchen Design” and “The Kitchen That Works.”

“The kitchen is one of, if not the most, essential room in a home,” notes Andreas Gommeringer, President of Häcker Kitchens North America. “Designers and homeowners are more mindful than ever of the materials and products they incorporate in this space as well as its everyday functionality. Through these courses, we aim to provide our clients with the knowledge and power to curate kitchens that are not only safe but enhance their lifestyles.”

“The Essential Guide to Sustainable Kitchen Design” is available upon request. This course offers insight into the factors that define a sustainably designed kitchen, the products and materials that aid in ecological heath, the products and materials that should be avoided and how a kitchen can be strategically designed to foster health and wellness in and out of the home.

“The Kitchen That Works” has been launched in partnership with Architectural Record. As the desire for calm and orderly spaces becomes a growing trend in residential interiors, there is an increasing need for methodical design and high-efficiency in the kitchen. This course equips designers and homeowners with the tools and best pratices to achieve maximum storage, order and organization in this space.

Both courses are available for IDCEC credit.
On-demand access to each course, is provided upon request by emailing hello(at)haecker-kuechen.us. “The Kitchen That Works” is also available to take immediately, here.