AV 6023

A harmonious balance of sophistication and innovation forge a distinguished grooved wood cabinet front

Häcker Kitchens presents its new AV 6023 GL front range from the systemat collection 

 Häcker Kitchens, the leading German manufacturer of modern kitchen cabinetry, introduces the new AV 6023 GL – a visually outstanding and elaborately manufactured grooved front system available in elegant oak, walnut and black oak. The rich textures and arresting fluting ironed upon this new wood veneer allows us to experience the kitchen with all senses. 

As an increasing portion of our daily lives exist in the virtual world, we seek out literal touch points in our every-day spaces for comfort. The AV6023 GL is an elegant surface that grounds the room with natural elements visually and texturally. The handleless fronts provide a minimal backdrop that both engages and relaxes with luxurious contemporary styling. AV 6023 GL is the perfect choice for a discerning customer who appreciates true luxury design. 

The look is achieved using an intricate manufacturing process combined with a high degree of craftsmanship. The wood-based panel is covered with five layers of veneer on both sides. In a precise pressing process, the fine grooved structure is also embossed on both sides. Additional processing of the relief plates is then finished by hand. For perspective, the intensity of the production process requires 129 square feet of veneer to create about 10 square feet of grooved front.