AV 6084 – Power, grace and harmony

It seems that the AV 6084 combines opposites with ease. Mounted on the wall or with inconspicuous toe-kick panels that blend into the background, it appears light and airy in its compact look. This is accentuated by the open design
of the sideboard and the display cases with glass fronts above. 
In the middle of the room is the kitchen island. It is defined by the industrial steel, handleless drawers,
which blend perfectly into the overall picture. The black toe-kick and thin countertop harmonize beautifully
with the brushed industrial steel of the drawers.  

In addition to the sink with the striking black faucet, you will find an induction cooktop and downdraft system. Next to it, there is enough space to carry out every possible task. Particularly handy: the trash system underneath the countertop - fruit and vegetable peels can simply be slid from the countertop into the pulled out trash compartment. 

A fine design means pure aesthetics

The AV 6084 plays with contrasts. The wall cabinets and the kitchen island are contrasted by the hanging sideboard with a shelf element and wall cabinets with framed glass doors. Smartly offset and mounted on a wall panel in volcanic oak finish, the living room furniture is a pleasant contrast to the even layout of the kitchen. An elegant connection from the open-plan kitchen to the living area. 

Modern LED lighting is an absolute must with dark colors. It brings sufficient light into the kitchen and the adjoining living area and sets exciting highlights. In the framed glass wall units, one light each is mounted inside and underneath the wall cabinets. This is the perfect place to exhibit high-quality porcelain and glass. The sideboard and shelf offer space for beautiful decorations. Behind the hinged doors there is additional space for many other things that need to be tidied away in the kitchen and living room. 

AV 6084 volcano oak | AV 7070 industrial steel

The power of volcanic oak

The solid kitchen unit of the AV 6084 seems to float. Barely visible: the recessed toe-kick area that runs across the entire width of the tall cabinets. In combination with the wall mounting, it provides the necessary stability. 

Behind the volcanic oak fronts there is plenty of space for all your kitchen essentials. In the spacious drawers, you can store foodstuffs, kitchen utensils and much more. The tall cabinets offer generous storage and also accommodate the fridge and freezer. The oven and steam oven are installed at eye-level. Behind the doors you can store trays, baking and casserole dishes, for example. This gives you easy access to everything you need.  

For additional flexibility, Häcker cabinets and drawers can be customized with handy extras. Innovative trash systems installed directly below the countertop save space and ensure more hygiene. MOVE, our solution for perfect interior organization, helps you to avoid clutter.

Truly unique for the wow effect

No two pieces are alike. The structure of the industrial steel fronts is discreet, yet so diverse. Every single one is finished by hand of our employees in elaborate workmanship. A special scratching technique creates a unique surface so that no front is like the other. You will always receive an individual, one-of-a-kind product that is guaranteed to not be duplicated.  

The grain of the volcanic oak used is reminiscent of elephant hide and gives the kitchen a unique charm. A great look and feel, because the slightly structured surface has a wonderful velvety texture. The dark grey shade of the grained wood and the black handles on the doors and drawers further underline this impression.