AV 6000-GL Eucalyptus | AV 6000-GL Black

Hint of the extraordinary

With this color combination of the Häcker systemat kitchen, the style-conscious will hit the mark. The popular color black is cleverly combined with a more unusual shade: eucalyptus. This gives the kitchen design a sensational twist without being overbearing. The bluish green with its silver nuances is a fresh and calm shade that inevitably recalls the leafy and pleasantly fragrant branches of its namesake. Due to its high grey content, eucalyptus fascinates with a light and delicate radiance that makes the black glow. At the same time, the delicate green shade brings freshness and naturalness into the room - you can breathe a sigh of relief here.

Clearly structured for added kitchen pleasure

Morning. At lunchtime. Evening: We visit the kitchen at all times of the day and night. It is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, which is why it should be given special attention and individual needs should be taken into account. This can be achieved by thinking along with the kitchen planning and working with clear structures. Structures bring visual calm to any room and allow intuitive orientation, which is especially important when cooking is hectic. With their 360-degree accessibility, the two free-standing kitchen islands offer a maximum of work surface and storage space and are always at your side - almost like living kitchen helpers.

Exciting accents through light and form

An arrangement of shapes, colours and materials created to make a quiet and noble impression. Decorative items or aesthetic objects of daily use are thus shown off to particularly good advantage. The shelving unit underneath and the hanging glass cabinet in black provide an exciting contrast to the wall shelves. The ensemble forms an almost special bond, because the contrasts of light and darkness, openness and closedness, transparency and opacity form a fascinating unity that is unparalleled.

Order wherever the eye looks

The utility room and pantry with its perfectly shaped proportions and carefully arranged cupboard compartments offers maximum storage space with freedom of movement at the same time. It is the ideal multi-talent for everything that needs to remain hidden and yet be easily accessible. Shelves, pull-outs and tall cabinets readily accommodate all utensils and store them safely, cleanly and clearly for their next use. Carefree management thus becomes a matter of course for you and makes everyday kitchen life easier in a very profound way. Particularly attractive in the kitchen planning, black fronts were placed next to fronts in eucalyptus to reflect and continue the design of the kitchen. In this way, both rooms appear to be of one piece.