AV 3090-GL Metallic sand grey | Metallic stone grey

AV 3090-GL stone grey: Impressive kitchen design

Deep feelings for earthy colours: This kitchen ensemble captivates with its tone-on-tone kitchen unit with dark contrasting toe kick elements and channel handles and a thin PerfectSense® coutertop in black. The fronts in metallic stone grey and metallic sand grey correspond perfectly with each other and form a beautiful contrast to the light wooden floor. The polymer glass surfaces not only feel velvety soft, but are also particularly easy to clean and robust in daily use. Fingerprints don't stand a chance here. Special feature: integrated LEDs provide indirect lighting and create a cosy atmosphere in the early morning or evening that is second to none.

50 Shades of Grey

Sand grey metallic, stone grey metallic, carbon metallic: Häcker's homage to different shades of grey thrives on the tension between different shades of grey and can be designed with exciting contrasts. The mix of stone-grey metallic and sand-grey metallic elements lends your kitchen additional visual depth and skilfully separates areas from one another. As a downdraft, the extractor hood blends discreetly into the overall look. The oven and steamer at eye level offer an ergonomic posture, guarantee targeted comfort in everyday use and protect your back in the long term - what more could a cook want?

Island feelings from a picture book

It is hard to imagine modern living concepts without kitchen islands, which offer extensive storage space thanks to additional drawers. The guarantor for brilliant after-work parties and cosy cooking sessions among friends. Above it, the industrial-chic-inspired downdraft recalls the original symbolism of nourishing fire. The kitchen as the center of life is of central importance. Upper and lower cabinets in complimentary colors allow for a visual division with flowing transitions. Chests of drawers, sideboards, shelves and corner solutions make use of every niche, no matter how small. Themed shelving, wine fridge or waste system cater for your every need. This creates an island feeling without having to travel.