Responsible by tradition

Häcker Kitchens has been strongly committed to sustainability for many years. Our production is carbon-neutral, we received awards for healthy furniture and plant flowering meadows and trees. Furthermore, Häcker actively supports social institutions, such as a school in Sierra Leone (Africa). Discover Häcker's numerous sustainability projects. 


Häcker Kitchens manufactures exclusively in Germany at the Rödinghausen and Venne sites with state-of-the-art machinery. Häcker thus secures jobs and apprenticeships in the region as well as a very high level of quality. With this philosophy Häcker is a reliable partner for customers, suppliers and local inhabitants.


The aim is to conserve resources in all areas. This approach is the guiding principle of Häcker Kitchens' core business. Only when these areas are in balance, can we speak of sustainable action. The values of our family enterprise are characterized by responsibility and family tradition. We strive to leave a healthy livable world to future generations.


A large proportion of the paints used in the company's own paint shops are water-based. The wooden surfaces are durable, nice to touch and look perfect. They also contribute to a positive ecological balance, as they sustainably protect and refine the renewable, natural raw material wood. 


The laminate fronts of systemat are manufactured with a high recycled content.
This way helps to reduce the burden on the environment and to meet the growing, ecological consumer demands.


The German Furniture Quality Association (DGM) has certified Häcker Kitchens as a "Climate Neutral Manufacturer". These certificates support important climate protection projects around the world. For example, in the production of renewable energy or in reforestation.


Cooperation at Häcker Kitchens is characterized by humanity, respect, fairness, trust and openness. Besides self-responsible action, we promote individual training and advancement for our employees, a healthy lifestyle and occupational well-being through various offers and services.

Really resistant
With our one of a kind gluing technology PUResist we achieve highest quality standards with all kinds of edging. They are water resistant and offer a high level of resilience. Sustainable through solvent-free PUResist gluing technology.

Just take a deep breath
Health is a mega trend. With Häcker's own standard PURemission AirProtectionSystem we surpass the best requirements for clean room air.

  • Significantly lower deviation of formaldehyde limit values
  • Even better room air
  • Increase of quality of life

Carb 2

All wood products are well below the permissible formaldehyde limits, which meet high US standards. Through careful selection of wood materials and our suppliers, we have succeeded in meeting the guidelines for emissions in accordance with CARB2 93120 and TSCA title 6. The materials are subject to permanent monitoring and contain neither pesticides nor insecticides. We are also not aware of any other harmful emissions. The furniture is manufactured according to industrial methods and standards.

Energy & Environmental Policy

Environmental protection forms an important part of our corporate policy. Since our business activities influence the environment, it is our duty to minimize the impacts within the framework of our economic, organisational and technical possibilities, as well as sustainable processes.
Also our energy management system pursuant to DIN ISO 50001 contributes significantly to environmental protection. The systematic identification of weak points and above all the implementation of optimization measures, enables more efficient energy consumption in the company. This is also associated with a reduction in the direct and indirect CO2 emissions of the company.

Environmentally friendly material for cargo stabilisation

Usually, foam blocks and polystyrene sheets are used during transport to secure high-value cargo. 
Häcker has a better way. The company's trailers are equipped with sturdy paper bags filled with cardboard waste to secure the load.


PURemission AirProtectionSystem - healthy furniture
PUResist WaterProtectionSystem - Protection against moisture
GS-Certification mark Tested safety of the kitchen furniture
DIN EN ISO 14001
DIN EN ISO 14001 Certified Environmental Management System
DIN EN ISO 50001
DIN EN ISO 50001 Certification Energy Management System
PEFC Promotion sustainable forest management

Sustainability report

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Educational project in Africa

Häcker promotes and supports the Youth Development Project (YDP) in Sierra Leone, Africa, where 200 children receive an excellent education. The level of knowledge of these dedicated students in grade 2 largely exceeds that of grade 6 students in local public schools.

More than 3200 miles separate Germany from Sierra Leone in Africa. In terms of their standard of living, however, the countries are worlds apart. 

Charitable water Viva con Agua

Häcker supports Viva con Agua. Water for all, all for water. Häcker offers Viva con Agua in all meeting rooms. In addition, the vending machines of all plants are stocked with this charitable water brand.

We promote youth residential groups and day-care centers

One of many examples: Girls and boys aged between 9 and 17 years, who cannot live with their former families, found a new home in the Rödinghausen residential group. The youth welfare service takes care of the needs of children and adolescents, especially with regard to educational support. 

Häcker supported the sponsor of the institution by donating a modern kitchen. In addition, Häcker provided kitchens for regional day-care centers to ensure that the children receive freshly prepared meals. 

We promote sport

As part of our commitment to soccer, we support the region and promote youth work. Our dedication to the region is also reflected in the sponsorship of SV Rödinghausen. 

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